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Nike RZN


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The Nike RZN golf balls are designed to minimize spin off the tee for longer drives, while maintaining a soft feel around the greens. They have Speedlock Technology that optimizes energy transfer for faster ball speed and a softer feel off the club. You could receive any of the RZN varieties (Red, White, Platinum, etc.) Some of these balls will be like new. Others will have some imperfections, but all are in good condition. A few might be discolored. They may be x-outs, or have logos.

S/H is $7.50 for 24 balls, using USPS flat rate envelope. Want more golf balls? S/H is $13,50 for up to 120 balls, using the USPS flat rate medium box. Want to pick the balls up locally and avoid S/H charges altogether? Contact me at wineljh@aol.com or 513-503-1942