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Q. When I see the prices on each item, how many golf balls am I buying?  

A.  24 golf balls.  This is stated in the drop down menu for each titem

 Q. I see that you have a shipping cost of $7.50 for 24 golf balls.  How do you ship the balls and how soon will they arrive?

 A.  I will ship them in the USPS Priority Mail Flat Rate Envelope.  Balls will be sent within one business day and you should receive them within 2 days of shipment 

 Q. Can I pick the balls up locally?  Your checkout system automatically adds the shipping charge, how do I avoid this charge?

A. Yes, you can pick them up locally at either my home, 6300 Sand Hill, Ct., Hamilton, OH 45011 or the church where I serve as a pastor in West Chester.  There is no shipping charge with local pick-up.  Please do not use the on-line check out for local pick-up.  You can pay me at the time of pick-up.  Just contact me at 513-503-1942 or wineljh@aol.com and we will work out the details.

 Q.  If I want to stock up, can I save $ with combining shipping?

 A.  YES!!  With the standard order of 24 balls, you will pay $7.50 in S/H.  I can get up to 120 balls in the USPS Priority Mail Medium Flat Rate Box for $13.50 S/H, so you can see that is a big savings.  If you want to order in a quantity of 120 balls, just click on the box that says, "Best Deal".  Go to the drop down menu and choose the balls you want and the shipping price of $13.50 will be pre-filled.

 Q.  What is the condition of these balls?  Why don't you use the lettered grading system?

 A.  I have given you a brief description of the balls under each item.  Some balls tend to discolor more, or have imperfections because of the softer cover.  I have personally scrubbed the balls and graded them.  None of the balls will be cut or have major blemishes, scrapes, etc.  So, they will be in good condition.  The only balls I have graded and separated out the mint grade balls are the Titlesit Pro Vi and Pro Vix balls.  As the description states, if you are interested in mint grade Pro Vi/Vix balls, I sell them for $1.50/ball or $36 for 24 balls.

 As far as using a letter graded system (A, AA, AAA, etc.), I have found that one person's perception is not the same as another's.  So, I choose to just give the clearest description possible for the balls without the rating.

 Q. Where do you acquire the balls?

A.  Many of the balls I find in the woods, water, etc. on golf courses.  I also purchase golf balls.  If you have balls you want to sell, please contact me at 513-503-1942 or wineljh@aol.com

 Q.  I have a question you haven't asked.  Can I contact you personally?

 A.  Absolutely!  My phone # is 513-503-1942 and my email address is wineljh@aol.com

 Q. Where are you located?

A. I live in the Cincinnati metro area, in Fairfield Township, on the 13th hole Walden Ponds golf course. My address is 6300 Sand Hill Ct., Hamilton, OH 45011.