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About Me

Hi! I'm Dale Wine and I worked as a youth pastor in Denver, CO. fresh out of college and the church was across the street from a golf course. Folks kept hitting balls into the church property and I began collecting the strays. While playing golf, I loved to scavenge balls, feeling like a kid on an Easter egg hunt. Over time, I began to have a pretty good collection of balls. I started selling them on eBay and to friends. 

Now, I have a large inventory of balls. I live on a golf course. I still love to find balls (now I buy them as well) and sell them to folks like you who don’t like paying retail for golf balls. It is a fun hobby/business, and I would love to serve you by selling quality used golf balls that have been personally graded by me. And the bottom line is giving you a great deal on used golf balls. 

I am still a pastor, serving at West Chester, OH, Nazarene Church. I will always treat you in the spirit of Jesus, who I serve wholeheartedly!

If you look through this site and don’t understand something or want clarification, feel free and contact me at wineljh@aol.com or 513-503-1942.

Enjoy and hit 'em straight!