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Nike Mojo


Image of Nike Mojo

Mojo balls are ideal for golfers of any skill level looking to add a bit of extra distance to their drives. Each ball has two layers with design elements that enhance its overall performance. You may receive any of the Mojo varieties. Some of these balls are in mint condition. Others are in very good condition, but have some minor imperfections. They may be x-outs or have logos.

If you are looking for colored Mojos, email me via the contact tab and I will attempt to accommodate your request

S/H is $7.50 for 24 balls, using USPS flat rate envelope. Want more golf balls? S/H is $13,50 for up to 120 balls, using the USPS flat rate medium box. Want to pick the balls up locally and avoid S/H charges altogether? Contact me at wineljh@aol.com or 513-503-1942